Radical feminists doesn´t cut it with me.

On another note than depression and all of it´s friends hanging around me..

Yesterday I watched a show about people stalking/threatening online. Death threats actually, or wishes of someone else taking a life because said person doesn´t agree (or can’t stand) the stalked person.

This to me is really wrong, of course. (I will leave out my opinions on murderers, pedophiles and so on, that will take away the point of this post. Not a fan though.)

So, I’m going to focus on one of the victims. She is a radical feminist and have a blog, a twitter and Facebook. I haven´t read all her stuff, but some of it just to get an insight. She has some hate in her to I might add.. Lots of “I hate men”.

Two things on my mind;

1. To hate ALL men is not the way to go. Does she hate her own father to? Do other radical feminist? Brothers? Nephews?

I have male friends that are the best people I know, why would I hate them just because A (okay, several) man have hurt me? Hate, or even better, forget, the ones who hurt you and let the other ones get a fair chance – or should we use them as sperm producers in factories, just to keep the world going? Thoughts, ideas? We are not flowers or frogs, no self fucking/pollinating when there are no males/females around.

2. This girl has had at least one boyfriend. So, I´m figuring that she really hates HIM/them, and not the whole male side of our world. So having a rather big blog etc and saying that she needs to hate men to get anywhere in society, that is just wrong. She forces herself to hate. Eh? “Oh no, I didn´t hate men publicly today, I forgot, have to say something to not lose status amongst our radical feminists!” What the hell? This girl really weirds me out.

Still, she doesn’t deserve death threats, not my point. But, if I was a good man who loved women and never laid a hand on them, or suppress them in any way, shape or form – I would be really frustrated and provoked by her and other radical feminists. It´s basically as bad as hate anyone who is a muslim, just because they are a muslim. I have a friend who is muslim, she would never bomb anyone, she is a free woman in a good family. WHY would I hate her, “just because”?

Point being: Hate/dislike/ignore/avoid people who are idiots just by being themselves, not because of gender, ethnicity, faith and so on. Anything else is just stupid and really will kill your soul and take up energy you need for other things in life.

And yes, I am all for women having the same opportunities as men, the same salary when they do the same job and also at home: Men can use a vacuum too, and they should if it is needed and their partner is busy elsewhere. Is it so hard..?

I am also all for the best well-being for the elderly, the sick and the handicapped. Whatever their skin color is or where they come from.

Easy living, for me at least.

(But I really do hate paedophiles.)





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